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Ayanna Bright Eagle Florian

Anna Florian

I received my Master 3rd Degree of Reiki Initiation from Krystyna Włodarczyk-Królicka in 18 December 2011. My 2nd Reiki Initiation I received  in 11 September 2005. My 1st Reiki Initiation I received  in July 2002 in Italy.





Krystyna Włodarczyk-Królicka

She received her Master.Reiki Initiation from Sister Mariusza(Jadwiga Bugaj) in 3 December 1994. My Master’s website is and you welcome to see it.






Sister Mariusza ( Jadwiga Bugaj)

She received her  Master Reiki Initiation from Wanja Twan in 1992.









Wanja Twan

She received her Master Reiki Initiation from Hawayo Takata in 1976.








Hawayo Takata

She received her Master Reiki Initiation from Chujiro Hayashi in 1938.








Chujiro Hayashi

He was the student of Mikao Usui in about 1938.

Chujiro Hayashi was born into an upper class Japanese family, and was a qualified physician and retired Marine commander. He set up a clinic near the Emperor’s palace in Tokyo called Shina No Macha. Each day his students held healing sessions at the clinic, or visited people in their homes in they were unable to travel.
Hayashi went on to write many report on the systems he had developed to treat various ailments. Special diets were incorporated into his treatments to assist the healing process.
Probably his greatest advancement for Reiki was to discover the importance of whole body treatment and how the universal life force would go wherever it was needed to heal. Providing of course you applied the full body treatment. This was needed to remove any emotional or physical blocks.
After Mikao Usui’s death, Chujiro Hayashi broke from the Gakkai and opened his own clinic. Hayashi-sensei students include Chiyoko Yamaguchi – who taught her son Tadao (founder of Jikiden Reiki) and Hyakuten Inamoto (founder of Komyo Reiki Kai) – and Hawayo Takata – a Japanese/American woman and the woman who originally brought Reiki Ryoho to the West.



Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui was born on August 15, 1865 in the village of Yago in the Yamagata district of Gifu prefecture, Japan, and he died on March 9th, 1926.
Usui-sensei was interested in a learning and spent much time at the large University library in Kyoto. He read about traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, numerology and astrology, psychic and clairvoyant development. He was a member of ‘Rei Jyutsu Kai’, which was a high-level spiritual development group. What was Usui-sensei’s goal in all this studying? Well, according to Hiroshi Doi, Mikao Usui was wondering seeking the  ultimate purpose of life – ‘Anshin Ritsumei’ (absolute inner peace). Doi-sensei says Usui researched hard trying to achieve this goal. Finally, he turned to a Zen master for advice on how to attain Anshin Ritsumei. The master replied “If you want to know; die!” Usui-sensei lost hope at this and thought, “My life is over”. He then went to Mt. Kurama and decided to fast until he died.
Whether or not this story is completely accurate, Usui-sensei did go to Mount Kurama to carry out a 21-day meditation and fast called ‘Lotus Repentance Meditation’. Usui-sensei carried out the meditation and, according to his memorial stone, he experienced an enlightenment or ‘satori’ that led to the development of Reiki Ryoho.
According to Usui’s Memorial stone, a translation of which you can read here, Usui-sensei was a very well-known and popular healer, and he taught a large number of students all over Japan. In 1922, Usui opened a clinic and school in Tokyo. Most of his many students started out as patients.
After his death, many of his students stayed together and formed the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai and named Usui-sensei the first President. While others say the organization was actually formed by Usui-sensei while he was alive; to the members of the Gakkai, these two are actually the same thing.