Sound Therapy

“Healing sound is flowing through all the cells of my body.”


How does Sound Therapy work?


  Sound is what our ancestors called the beginning. Masters of the ancient schools and medicine people of many cultures all over the world realised the true power of sound to bring healing and transformation. They were able to harness this power using harmonious sounds through traditional musical instruments and vocal chants and mantras in their spiritual practise of restoring the right balance to body, mind and spirit.


  Do you know that the whole universe is in a state of vibration?

   Yes, every organism, object and every part of the human body is made up of vibrating particles called atoms that vibrate at their own rate, a unique resonant frequency. Resonance is the frequency at which an object or person most naturally vibrates. The term frequency refers to pitch, the high or low quality of sound, and is measured in hertz, the number of cycles per second at which the sound waves vibrate.


  The human ear is able to perceive vibrations within a certain range of frequencies as what we know as sound. The sound waves vibrate your eardrum, which goes to the inner ear and is changed to nerve signals you can sense. The cells of our body enjoy these vibrations and as the human body is made up of 70/80% water, this makes it a very good conductor of sound. Modern medicine now uses machines which emit sound frequencies to break up kidney and gallstones. This process is very successful, delivering favourable results in approximately one to two hours.


  “Sound Healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body and mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health.”



  In a sound therapy treatment, the voice is also used to resonate with the various parts of the body to bring about healing on many levels. Tones and chants are intuitively sounded into the client’s body. The more rhythmical and harmonious the sounds are, the more beneficial they are in aiding the purpose of the process of healing. If a weakness is detected, a stronger harmonious sound is made by the voice or a musical instrument, which stimulates the body cells to vibrate in sympathy. Different areas of the body respond to the sounds made by locking in or entraining, and begin vibrating at the same frequency, helping to restore natural balance and health.


  The subtle energy centres which we call chakras, and even the auric field of a client, benefit from these vocal and musical sounds, helping release blockages, and to realign and restore the natural flow of normal healthy frequency within and around the body.

  Clients often comment on feeling a sense of peace and calm during and after a sound therapy treatment. Some experience the release of blockages and marked improvements to symptoms. Others report an ongoing process, lasting a number of days. In general, the treatment helps to improve their own natural flow of resonance to support their own state of well-being.





“I vibrate with healthy energy all the time.”

– Positive Affirmation