About Me

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My name is Anna Florian. I am a fully qualified professional naturopath, bioenergotherapist, Usui Reiki Healing Master, sound therapist and handicraft instructor.
I was awarded a Diploma of Naturopathy and Bioenergotherapy in 2007, than I completed a  3 year course at the College of Ecological Education(SEE) in the field of Natural Therapies. Since that time I have worked as a Naturopath, providing individual sessions, group workshops, and relaxation concerts with gongs and singing bowls. In 2009 I completed all 4 degrees of Peter Hess Sound Therapy Academy and became a qualified Sound Therapist. In 2002 I received my 1st Reiki Initiation and I started my beautiful path with Reiki Healing. In 2005 I got my 2nd Reiki Initiation, and in 2011 I received my 3rd Degree Initiation in Reiki and became a qualified Master of Usui Reiki Healing. In 2006 I became a qualified  Artistic Handicraft Instructor. I graduated from the Wzdów University of Folk Art Crafts. I am also a basket-weaver and weaver woman.

“As long as I can remember I have been looking for the bright side of our existence.”  – Ayanna 😉



  My goal is to listen to, educate and support you on your path to optimal health and wellbeing.  I blend modern scientific evidence with therapies and philosophies of naturopathic medicine to best serve your individual needs.  Navigating the complexities of health care choices can be confusing and frustrating.  With an open mind, I strive to understand your needs and help you find clarity and answers to your questions.


“I have known Ayanna for 15 years now and had many opportunities to enjoy her strong creative vision combined with a down to earth approach to life. I remember in particular one session in which Ayanna helped me through massage and sound. It was a difficult time in my life and it seemed as if the sadness was literally endless. She stayed with me and was fully present, using her practical and intuitive skills to do exactly what was needed to allow my process to complete itself, without rushing me or interfering in any way. This is a very special skill and I thoroughly recommend work with Ayanna at difficult times – and also in joyful ones!”                

 – Sarah Luczaj, www.realtherapyonline.com


“My efforts are being supported by the universe & my dreams manifest into reality before my eyes.” – Positive Affirmation