“Welcome hOMe!”

“… I think it was year 2002. I was travelling around Europe, …one late evening I found myself somewhere in Italy, in the mountains, in the Welcome Center, at my first Rainbow Gathering. Being so tired, with a big headache, I found warm place close to the fire, surrounded with lovely people. Someone put his hands on my head and I received my first Reiki. I felt like in heaven, I felt so hOMe, and then someone started to sing that song: ” Pacha Mama I’m coming HOME, to the place where I BELONG, and I wanna be FREE, so free…, like the flower in the green, like the bird in the tree, like the dolphin in the see, and I wanna FLY like the Eagle in the sky and when my time is done, I am gonna RISE up and down… ” .   And I think that since that time I have found myself at home wherever I go … 😉 And I am finding so many beautiful and healing gifts on my way. And I am here  to share the light of  my work, for better existance of all of Us. I hope that you will find here something for your rising and shining. Thanks for your beautiful being.



What do I mean, calling my work Ayanna Holistic Therapy?


From my experience, I know that if you wish to change your life for the better, you must work with yourself  on all levels of your existence, with the connection of your heart and your intuition and the Holiest Energy.

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body – mind – soul and the whole energy which creates us.”

 This is why I work on all these levels, using many “tools” which  help you to discover and go  your own way to a Happier, Healthier, more Successful and Creative Life.

  Even if you only choose to come to me for Reiki or a massage, I will try to guide you as to how you should work with yourself to achieve  better results . Maybe I will give you some Positive Affirmations to help you to change your way of thinking …maybe I’ll ask you  to paint a picture, which would helps you to see your emotions better, …or maybe I’ll advise you to forgive someone who hurt you. And I do my best to be with you, to support you in your own process of healing.


“Being positive improves my creativity.”