Intuitive Painting Workshop Summer 2016






A Great Idea for Summer !

26-28 August 2016

in Beautiful and Magic Klodzko Valley in Poland

Give yourself, today, a renewed self, and experience together with us

An Amazing Intuitive Painting Workshop

inspired by the vibration of Sounds,

Intuitive Dance and

Mindfulness Meditation of Self.

This is a new art of re-creating yourself from the roots

and exploring your full potential.

It’s a Fascinating Process of Profound Self-Transformation.

Recognize, Release, Feel, Create, Dance, Meditate, Paint

Yourself in Your Miraculous Journey by Exploring True Self

in Unity with All that Is.

‘Harmony and Love Is the Essence and Source which Creates Yourself Here and

Now.’ – Ayanna.


Dance with the colors of nature

Intuitive painting is the art of creating a full life, in contact with yourself, your intuition, your depth. It’s the process of painting from the level of our hearts. This is painting from the depths of our soul so that we discover and express ourselves anew to the full. In conjunction with an intuitive dance and mindfulness meditation of self, we are able to move and release various emotional, mental and even spiritual blocks, which, as the forms of accumulated fears, have blocked our creativity and clear contact with the source of ourselves. Everything is energy. When I dance I paint, when I paint I dance. I am, I experience, I create, I discover.



Be aware of this who you really are

This workshop is:

 – a time for Transformation and Meeting Yourself.
 – the art of integration, enabling natural and  intuitive self-expression through colors, sounds,  movements, dance and meditation.
 – a wonderful unforgettable journey into yourself,  which will help you to establish a connection with  the vibration of your heart, which is like a gateway  to the purest energy of the universe.
  – a meeting which will awaken a curiosity to discover yourself and the world around  you more deeply, as you feel the world more fully and vividly.
 – a great chance to release blocked energy in you, release old fears and give yourself  permission to let the new clean energy of life fill you up, giving you fresh potential to  fulfill all your dreams.
 – an adventure in which, in a sense, you dance your self-image. A full and conscious  look at yourself gives you a great chance to awake from the lethargy of life and  illusion.
 – a source from which we draw strength so that we can truly choose what we want to  be like and how to create our lives in love and harmony, in unity with each other and the world around us.
 – a discovery of yourself as the artist of your life. Fun play with colors, forms, shapes,  light, texture is like a cure for various blocks, emotional, mental, physical and even  spiritual.
 – the art of expression and the great passion of creation.


Create Peace

The workshop is led by Ayanna Bright Eagle Florian and Elwira Swoboda assists her. The painter Paweł Górski and Barbara Mazur accompany them as guests.

*A little more about us in the end ;-).









Contact Ayanna:
Phone number: Ayanna 0044 7596 156 957

Ayanna 0048 665 722 374 ( from 21st of July)

Elwira 0048 668 112 922

My website:
If it is good for you we may talk on Skype ;-).

Facebook website:

Payment method : I will send you by e-mail our account number . 


Date of workshops:

26-28 August 2016.


Beautiful and Magic Kłodzko Valley in Poland

Where / Accommodation:

A Beautiful Place:

Agrotourist Guesthouse
‘Dom nad Srebrną Rzeką’ -‘House on the Silver River

Opolnica 33
57-256 Bardo
phone: 883 565 413

Accommodation: 45 zł / per person / per night ( 11 euro or £9  )
Meals: The cost of one dinner is 18 zł. (   5 euro or £3.50  )
It is possible to buy food on site at the farm. We recommend ordering dinners.

*There is the possibility of a prolonged stay in the agro-tourist guesthouse ‘House on the silver river’. Please contact the owners. For more information visit:


Price for the workshop:  350 PLN ( 80 euro or £63)

To reserve a place a non-refundable deposit of 200 PLN (50 euro or £35) is required, payable by 25/07/2016.

We have great discount of 20% if you take with you anouther person, a friend , family. Both of you get 20 % discount *! 🙂 So each of you will pay only 270 PLN !
( *But the discount can be make only once on each person , so if you take more than one person you will get only once 20 % discount. )
* English-speakers are welcome to participate 



Connect in Beauty with your Child

*You can bring children! Since we have kids and we know that during the holidays your kids want to be close to you;-), we decided that we would organize a babysitter for the kids. So parents can participate in the workshops, and their children will also have a good time.
Children may also take part in common meditations or dance.
Cost: 120 zł per child. ( 28 euro or £22)
Detailed information will be sent to those who will be interested in the mail.





Paint your Life Paint Yourself

*Before the workshops you will need to obtain the following painting materials:

-a set of acrylic paints of different colors (about 120 ml containers)
– acrylic modelling paste for creating structures
– 4 canvases (cotton canvas stretched on a frame ready for painting). Please buy 2 smaller canvases (eg 30cm / 20cm or 30cm / 40cm) and 2 larger canvases (over 50cm length / width, including one of approx 50cm / 60cm)
– a pallete, paper, glue, water container
– brushes – at least three different sizes
– clothes, which can be dirtied by paint (acrylic paint shows no mercy!)
– different materials to create structures, eg strings, threads, cloth, gauze, buttons, beans, brocades … and whatever comes to mind;-)

I will also have a variety of painting materials on site, but this will be a backup in case somebody runs out.

It is also possible to order an entire painting set from us prior to the workshop, with a pre-payment (in the event of you being unable to attend the workshop, we can send you your purchases, plus an extra charge for courier service). You can also purchase the same materials on the internet and send them to our address.




Connect with your inner Peace


The workshop will start at 10.30 on Friday, 26 August 2016 and last until 16.30 on Sunday 28 August, 2016.

You may arrive on Thursday 25 August.

Friday, August 26, 2016:
7.30-8.15 Stretching and waking up;-) exercises in mindfulness of self (optional)
9.00-10.00 Breakfast
10.30-13.30 First part of the workshop
14.00- 16.00 Lunch and break.
16.00-19.00 Workshop
19.30 Dinner
In the evening a choice: bonfire, laughter yoga, a concert of silence.

Saturday August 27, 2016:
7.30-8.15 Stretching and waking up 😉 exercises in mindfulness of self (optional)
9.00-10.00 Breakfast.
10.30-13.30 Second part of the workshop.
14.00- 16.00 Lunch and break.
16.00-19.00 Workshop.
19.30 Dinner.
In the evening a choice: bonfire, laughter yoga, a concert of silence.

Sunday August 28, 2016:
7.30-8.15 Stretching and waking up 😉 exercises in mindfulness of self (optional)
9.00-10.00 Breakfast.
10.30-13.30 Third part of workshops.
14.00- 15.00 Lunch.
15.15 -16.30 Ending.




Sound and Painting Creation

Frequently asked questions:

Who can take part in this workshop?

Anyone who is over 18 years old. Minors can also participate in the workshop but must have written consent from parents or guardians.

Do I need to have some painting skills?

No. 😉 And this is the most beautiful and fascinating aspect – you do not need to have any ‘ability to paint.’ According to me, everyone is an artist but a lot of people have forgotten it and others have not yet discovered it. So these workshops are meant to help you remember or discover it in yourself again. Fun play with color, form, shape, light, texture is like medicine for our blocks.

Do I need to bring some painting materials?

Yes. Please read the information carefully what materials to bring. However, it is possible to order a painting set from us. You can also order all materials by yourself through the internet and send them to our address.

Can I come with a child?

Yes. It is possible to arrange care for children (over 5 years old), during the workshop. Detailed information will be sent by email.


Be Happy Enjoy Yourself



A little more about us;-):


Sound, Dance, Painting is One, Ayanna .

Ayanna Bright Eagle Florian– is primarily a spiritual being, woman, friend, mother, partner and wife. Ayanna has been following the path of self discovery for many years, on many levels of her existence, meeting and learning many different techniques in her path of spiritual development, learning to live in harmony with herself and the world around her. Life is her greatest passion. Ayanna loves traveling and creative work with people. For many years she lived in a cabin in the forest, in close relationship with all the elements of nature, from which she drew great knowledge. Ayanna is a sound therapist, she has played gongs and singing bowls for many years. She is naturopath and biotherapist. She is a Reiki master. She is the artist of her life, a handicraft instructor, weaver and basket weaver. She has graduated from mindfulness courses. Her painting is the art of discovering themselves in the reflection of what is. Currently she is living and working in Wales, where she works with the incredible organization Peace Mala. She says of herself: ‘I am who I am, I am a part of everything and its fullness. I try to let the purest essence of life flow through my being. I paint, I dance, I play, I write, I meditate – I cook, I clean, I educate. I learn development techniques, which in a miraculous way help us to balance and heal the wounds of life caused, for example, by fear. I show and teach others, I inspire them, and they inspire me. That is why I am creating this workshop, so we can learn how to better and more happily live our lives fully, in harmony and love, as best we can, without judgment, without criticism, with acceptance and respect for ourselves and others. Elwira and I have invited Paweł and Barbara to co-create this workshop because I feel that it has great power and enormous potential to create something that will strongly allow the energy of creation to flow. You are welcome to visit my website .



Elwira Swoboda – an amazing woman, mother, friend and wife. A woman with great potential and creative power, who, together with her husband, has created an amazing place, a round house, built using natural techniques. Together as a family they are a great inspiration for people looking for a new, peaceful, balanced way of life in close proximity with nature. Elvira practices vipassana and conscious life in harmony with her intuition, her heart. She rediscovers herself every day.




Oil painting, Paweł Górski

Paweł Górski – an extraordinary man with a big heart. An artist and painter. His paintings are the mirror of the soul of this planet and life itself. Paul lived for many years in the comfort of Klodzko Valley, which is his home, refuge and inspiration.