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My art is born from the nature of my heart.

 Welcome to My Art Gallery 😉 


“I allow my creative energy to flow freely at all times.”


Here you can see some of my paintings and my crafts. I find that it is such an amazing process which helps me to discover my creativity , my own freedom, and a lot of fun of being here and now . Enjoy Your Life !  






Creative Art from my Heart is the Amazing Connection of  Painting, Sound  and Meditation which I discover in my Life . 2016



Creative Art from my Heart.






Creation from the heart

Be You

Be here

Be love

Be me

Pure creation

Creation of pure light

from your heart


Creation from the heart.

Connection of female and male energy in love.

We are always unite

We are never really disconnected

Only sometimes we are in an illusion of separation

But when we touch and full our-self in the pure energy of love

We remind ourselves UNITY  which we always are .



Connection of female and male energy in love.


Confused emotions.


Confused emotions.





Heart Connection in Meditation. 

“We are always connected 

Energy is flowing between us

We are sharing energy field 

We are growing together

Take a deep breath in 

and choose how you want to vibrate 

choose your sound 

your thoughts, emotions, feelings

create healthy environment

for you and us.”



Heart Connection in Meditation.



Awake your energy.

“Find the balance between light and dark inside of you

Find the balance between up and down

Find the balance between in and out

Grow your roots in the earth and the sky

Find the balance between me and you.” 


Awake your energy .



Feeling the Earth Connection.


Feeling the Earth Connection.



Vibrate with Her

Resonate with Her 

Balance Yourself

Love Yourself

Love Us


Remember Who You Are

Be Mindful of Your Life

Choose the creation which is Good for All of Us

Treat Yourself – Us with Love



The Holy Creation of Harmony. 


Holy Creation of Harmony .


This painting is the essence of my meditation process. Every day I start to understand deeper and deeper, clearer and clearer how important is to keep balance in our life.  Everyday meditation helps me to be more aware of my life choices and about that what happen in my life or with my life when I create something new. And I create all the time, with each breath, with each movement I create. I am the creator with the holy connection with All that is.  






Waves are moved by the breath of universe. The waves go through everything. They don’t know any borders. The wave of breath creates every moment of our existence . There is no exit from that circle, …. maybe… .

Breath in ….breath out and connect with …the wave of your existence. 

Going out of illusion….


Going out of illusion …..

Paintings of my Intuitive Painting Art which are the view of my inner transformation. 2015




My acrylic painting 2015.




I was painting that two paintings in the same time.


Beauty of Life Creation.















The Woman with a drum and brush in her hands. Act of Creation.

The Woman with drum and brush in her hands. The Act of Creation.

This picture was the second one which I painted after moving to Wales. I knew that it was wakening up in me a new idea, but that time I could not exactly call it. Intuitive Painting Workshop inspired by sound, dance, meditation is for me this what was born inside of me after I started to paint again. And what was the first picture;-)? I painted just the hearts, some hears emerging from the previous one. I had the inner need to send love and positive vibrations to others, but also fulfill myself with this vibration because we can not give something we do not have. <3








Path of Sacred Life.

Path of Sacred Life

This painting is in a sense my inner direction. Life is the art of balance between opposing aspects of our lives. Life is a bridge between other worlds, combines and teaching. The stones that I painted are large and in the beginning I thought that the point is that I have a lot of stones on my life way, you know, in a sense of obstacles. But these stones speak to me very friendly. They give stabilization and strength, but also teach mindfulness in life. Child sitting on the left side, holding the light in the hands. Purest light of love that is always around us and within us. Woman sitting on top of the mountain is like a spiritual guardian. In the bottom is flowing the pure water of life, and at the back we see a black abyss. It is safe if consciously we go through life. This image speaks to me, I JUST AM AND THIS IS SAFE. <3






Mandala of eternal birth of the seven elements- endless flow of life energy.


Mandala of eternal birth of the seven elements- endless flow of life energy.

This mandala was actually the need to depict the symbol of Reiki. Reiki – the purest essence of life energy that flows through all the elements and feeds them. It helps to sow life. It sows life. I am Reiki, I am the essence of life. I am a ‘God’ as all around me and within me, around you and within you. When you fully understand, you do not need a senseless killing each other, cheating yourself and others. It disappear the madness of fears . Everything returns to its original balance. <3







Friendship with Harmony



Friendship with Harmony

This picture I painted when I needed inner harmony to my relationship. But the relationship not only with my husband, but also connection with myself, with female and male energy that creates me, my yin – yang and the yin-yang of the world or even the entire universe. Clean and refreshing water, source of life. Purifying and refreshing power of waterfall. I wrote positive affirmations, the symbol of positive vibrations, positive sounds that shape and build the structure of our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, and finally our bodies. Environment in which we live is very important for our development, but it is very important what kind of the world we create in our mind, in our thoughts, emotions and feelings. <3







This mandala is a mirror of my blossoming soul. I painted my lines my palm prints of each of my hand, I painted one on the other one. Each picture painted by us carries a message from the depths of ourselves. Painting a picture is like a dance of a brush on the canvas. This what I paint is a big clue for me, a sign which tells me at what place I am right now. What do I need to fix or cleaned up, what can i dance with to create something new. What do you want and why? How can I share this with others? So, this painting brightened my face because I realized that after a very difficult time for me, after a very painful moments in my life, I began to bloom and that everything I do is supported by good energies, higher intelligence, for myself alone, that part of me which is There. <3





Red-haired – Gift

Red-haired – Gift

This picture I painted inspired by my own tale that I told to our children. Very often I tell children a bedtime story. Especially as I work away, I am telling them stories by the phone. And than I painted … ;-). The fairy tale tells that behind the mountains and woods, behind seven rivers in the land of the white creatures, once was born a girl with red hair. Some were afraid, others honored her when their shaman woman had told them that the girl is a godsend. When the girl was seven years it came to her a fiery bird. He asked her to go with him. She fearlessly sat on him. It was late evening and everybody in the village slept. The bird took her far across the ocean, where they landed on top of the mountain. There was waiting for them a sky woman who cooked a drink over the fire. She went to the girl greeted her with great love, then handed her a bottle of elixir and told her what to do with it. Then She disappeared into the mist. The girl got on a fiery bird and they followed their way to her land. They arrived just before sunrise. The girl behaved quietly, so that nobody was awake, approached each white creature from her tribe and poured a 7 drops of elixir to their cups with the drink of life. Then she went to rest. When the creature began to wake up, each of them drank the elixir, and when woke up after the next 7 days and 7 nights, they saw that they were full of colors. And the land on which trod flourished colorful flowers. Each of these creatures had a white strand of hair that reminded them of who they are, so they would not get mad under the influence of such great diversity of colors that surrounded them now. And they lived happily ever after forever 😉 . <3





Holy Womb Holy Vagina Holy Essence of the Holy Vibration Holy Sound from which Life Arises.

Holy Womb Holy Vagina Holy Essence of the Holy Vibration Holy Sound from which Life Arises.

This mandala was painted to heal my inner child. Singing her positive affirmations, feeding her with the sound of positive vibrations to let her grow in the love of my heart. Around the vagina are written positive affirmations which like energy river flows through our lives. Every time I look at this picture I remember how important it is what we think, what we say, what is sung and even danced or paint. Because everything of that nourishes and builds our child, these internal one but also those that who born from us and who learns from us the songs of life. <3






Waterfall. Change. Power. Purification.

Waterfall. Change. Power. Purification.

That full of power waterfall I also painted during a time of great changes for me in my life. Once this river flowed in the other direction. Then the land parted, broke the crust of our illusions, our locks, our blocks. My river of life has changed radically its course. At the same time coming closer to the heart of earth. I got closer to the heart of myself. Big waterfalls have enormous power. And my life filled up with power again. I am the waterfall, the land, the river, rocks, trees, air…. . I am an eternal transformation. <3









Coming Back Home – Purification – Transformation










Coming Back Home – Purification – Transformation

When I was painting the previous paintings , I scraped dried up paint from the palette and colorful dried remnants put off, I collected them like I would knew that I will paint from them another image, that will become from them the last transformation, that nothing in nature is lost and that what is invisible and even repelled may be the most valuable. When I started to paint this picture, It appeared in me the desire to play, and rejection all forms. I glued in a circle all leftover paint, which like the bones in the white light began to purify itself and started to merge into one life-giving mass, becoming the essence of a new beginning. <3




Mandala: ‘Circle of life. Love for the life. Life for the love.’



Circle of life. Love for the life. Life for the love.







The power of heart energy heals sadness .

















This I draw when I was pregnant with our first child and I had so deep connection with nature. We lived in the village that time .


Love . Preparing myself to be the Mother. Love.









Holy Creation. Being aware of my full potential .


Sisters of Full-moon Transformation.


I loved to weave. When I was weaving i felt like i would touch the source of our creation, the roots of Mother Earth. I felt inside of me awaken energy of women power, patient, unconditional love. Every woman should try it.




My diploma of weaving in University of Folk Art .




Woman born from the Tree, my weaving art


Rising woman, my weaving art.
















Holy kiss, my weaving art.


Gaia, my weaving art.




Fairy nests, my macrame art.


Pocket, my macrame art.


Create from your Heart 

Be Free

Be Happy 


Grow up with Love.








Workshop – weaving from nature.





Some other things made by me long time ago 😉 .



Me and my Soul Sister were doing artistic cloths, bags, jewelry and we were traveling around Europe. Playing and dancing fire show on the streets. I wish we could do it once again 😉







Weaving baskets.

I am also basket weaver .


My diploma from University of Folk Art.




Artistic laundry basket.



Artistic basket.




My Icons

When I was pregnant with our first child I felt that I wanted to paint icons. It was a little strange for me because when I was studying art I didn’t like to paint it. So during my study I chose to paint a copy of a famous artists rather then to copy icons. I didn’t believe in God that time or I was not religious so it was for me a little strange to do it. But than one day I found  an unfinished icon at my home which my friend had left there one day and I decided to finish it. And I liked that, I liked the process of making them older . It was interesting to experience it …but than one day it finished. I hope that people who have my icons enjoy them. 





























































alternative modern icon




Tree Women, copy .


Fairy icons 

Fairy icons were something what our kids liked .  Some of them where hanging above their beds . Some of them I gave to our friend’s children. It was always nice present to give . 




Forest fairy icon




forest fairy icon


moon fairy icon


moon fairy icon












“Creativity is the ability to see relationships where none exist.”